Covid-19 Lets make a difference in Tanzania

As the wealthy west debate whether the worst is over, Covid-19 is now hitting the poorest countries in the world. Health professionals in these countries are not considering ventilator availability but are pleading for help to get the most basic equipment;  Equipment that can help them assess patients (a stethoscope, a thermometer, a oxygen saturation monitor; a machine to measure the amount of oxygen in someones blood), and equipment that can help them  save some lives: an oxygen concentrator (that when electricity  is available turns air into oxygen allowing scarce cylinder oxygen to last longer as the cylinder only has to be used when the power fails), suction machines (to clear copious lung secretions). In these countries social distancing is almost impossible, running water is rarely available and these selfless health professionals are realistic about the difficulty of protecting themselves or others, making the best use they can of any protective clothing and hand gel that they can get hold off.

We want to help and recognising that so many countries are in need have decided to concentrate on helping Tanzania, a very poor country so close to our Vicar’s heart.  We have an assured way of ensuring that every penny donated goes on the purchase of equipment and that the equipment will be purchased in Tanzania so that, for example, it works with Tanzania’s electricity supply and so that there is more chance that all disposable and maintenance items required will be readily available.

Judith Ellis, a member of our congregation, is the Chair of the Tropical Health and Education Trust, a UK charity that for the last 30 years has organized and managed partnerships between health professionals in low income countries and the UK health service.  In response to Covid-19 THET have set up an emergency fund : Lives on the Line: The Health Worker Action Fund– take a look:

THET’s member of staff  in Tanzania, Godwin Kabalika, will ensure the money we donate is well spent.

How much you wish to donate is a personal decision but to try and help Godwin has supplied some equipment costs:

EquipmentUnit Cost (USD)Cost (GBP)Comment
Oxygen concentrator20001650
Oxygen saturation monitor8365
Tympanic  or forehead scan thermometer 80-50064-402Some more expensive models do not require disposable covers but can be wiped down
Glucometer6050Strips are an additional cost
Gloves12101 box with 100 pieces

As you see every pound helps!

You can help by donating either by fund transfer directly into the church bank account or by cheque.

Bank account details are available from the churchwardens or the Vicar. Please include “Tanzania Appeal” in the reference field.

Cheques (made payable to St. Anne’s, Copp) should be sent to the Rev. Paul Hunter at The Vicarage. Preston Road, Inskip, Preston PR4 0TT. Alternatively you can contact the Vicar to arrange safe collection of your cheque.