Friday March 5th 2021 World Day of Prayer: Build on a Strong Foundation

Our opportunity to admire the strength of the Vanuatu Christian community, to empathise with their concerns and to be encouraged by their faith.

We ask you to share in this prayer, taken from a service prepared by Vanuatu women from different Christian denominations:

  • Let us be united in prayer with Vanuatu and the world.
  • Everlasting God, the God on whom Vanuatu stands, we ask you to help us stand for peace in our families and our nations. We commit the leaders and people of Vanuatu into your wise hands. We want to stand against the forces of injustice present in our nations.
  • We pray that we can live in unity, love and peace in the context of ethnic and cultural diversity like Vanuatu and so many other places around the world.
  • We pray for the young people of Vanuatu who search for work and meaning. May they develop the skills that they need to find work, live wisely and fulfil their dreams.
  • We pray for the children of Vanuatu who do not have the opportunity to attend school, and for those on the streets who feel unloved and unwanted. May they find shelter and nourishment in their communities and in the embrace of God.
  • We remember people living in places prone to natural disasters and the hazards of cyclones, hurricanes and volcanoes. Almighty God protect communities from disasters and suffering. Heal the souls of the people and let them feel your love.
  • We pray for the Christian community in Vanuatu, that they may extend God’s justice and love to everyone. May they be a living example of a community built on the strong foundation of Christ.
  • Bind us together with the people of Vanuatu in love, peace and joy.